No tutorials are scheduled for the 2014/2015 school year.

The listing below is archived here for the use of parents who may want to use the published resources for their homeschooling.

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This tutorial will be built upon the Spectrum Chemistry course. The tutorial will meet weekly and labs will be conducted at least bi-weekly. Credits earned: 1 in Physical Science. Class size is limited to 8.

Class meets once a week. I will have two sections. We will meet at Crosspoint Church located near the Dimond Fred Meyers next to Joann Fabrics. the first section is full!  The chemistry will require a math pre-test (Algebra 1 mastery is critical to student success) and I will offer a refresher math lesson at the start of classes to help those 'on the bubble'. My classes will generally follow the ASD school calendar, though the starting date will be September 5.

Cost for class is $480 in addition to the cost of the text ($90).

The syllabus and class calendar can be found here.

Mondays throughout the school year - 9-11, and 11:30-1:30

Class begins September 9.

Please note:  The information on the Chemistry Tutorial page is pertinent to last year's class only. I update it weekly to reflect the individual class's progress.


AP Environmental Science

This a completely online course designed to facilitate your student's preparation for the AP Environmental Studies (APES) exam in May.

This course is based upon this text: Environmental Science: Toward a Sustainable Future, 10th Edition, by Richard T. Wright (Pearson/Prentice Hall, 2008). It is available through Amazon. com and others; it is no longer available from the publisher.

Pearson/Prentice Hall does have  a companion textbook site with additional study helps which we will use.

The course requires the student to self-study but assists in setting a calendar, assigning and grading homework, presenting regular quizzes and providing labs. I also provide the information parents need to sign their student up for the exam itself. 

The cost is $200 for the full year class plus a $15 administration fee that goes toward the cost of hosting. Lab materials are separate.

Once enrolled, you will be provided with access to the online site.


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