This page is devoted to helping your students prepare for the Alaska SBA Science Tests.

Science is, most fundamentally, observation and classification.  It observable, measurable an repeatable and these elements comprise the foundations of the scientific method. Younger children can be taught to observe, classify, measure, experience cause and effect through simple experiments and be introduced to the natural, physical world around them.

Middle school children are expected to learn more in depth about science topics and to begin to grasp knowledge about scientific principles. This where all those "cycles" come in -- the rock cycle, the water cycle, the carbon cycle, the nitrogen cycle....  Students should be conversant with specific, scientific terms.  Vocabulary is important!

 In high school, we expect our students to begin to use their knowledge as a foundation for in-depth study of science topics.  We expect them to be able to effectively use the scientific method to demonstrate principles and ask questions that can be solved scientifically. We also train them to develop their abstract, analytical skills to illustrate results from experiments and interpret data.  We want them to build critical thinking skills to discern science form philosophy and to gain an appreciation for how a solid understanding of science topics related to their everyday lives.  

There are many, many places online to glean great science learning information.  I've listed just a few below.

Grade 4 SBA Science Test
Grade 4 SBA Science Test Grading Key

Study Links for Grade 4 topics:

Internet4Classrooms/Science lists many useful sites.

Study Stack has a number of good study lists to choose from -- go there, choose the main topic and then select a subtopic from the list.  Choose the type of study "game" you'd like to play and click away!

Kid's Astronomy is really great for all ages.

Grade 8 SBA Science Test Grade 8 SBA Science Test Grading Key

Study Links for Grade 8 topics:

My Science Box is a great website to gain ideas for middle school science lessons.

Food Webs

For an answer to question #17, see: Metal Spheres

Types of Energy PowerPoint


This is a pretty comprehensive website all related to the scientific method.

Here's a Thinkquest site about the Human Body

Grade 10 SBA Science Test Grade 10 Science Test Grading Key

Study Links for Grade 10 topics:

How to make a graph

A GREAT site to refresh your memory on the Periodic Table.

Animal cell explained!

A refresher site for basic physics.

And another for chemistry.

This is a great page with LOTS of info for learning about graphing.